Is there a tree stump you have been meaning to have removed? Let Green Leaf Trees Company of Los Angeles helps with your tree and stump removal!

Green Leaf Trees provides tree and stump removal for any size tree stump. We can remove your stump when we cut down your tree, or you can call us at a later date for stump removal. With our top of the line
tools, we can remove any unsightly stump from anywhere on your property.

We can remove any stump in any area. Also, if you want we will leave the tree stump wood chips piled up for you to re-use as mulch, or haul them away for an extra charge.

Let the estimator know what your plans are for the area and he can give you your best options. What you want to do to your new yard opening where the stump is removed will determine how we remove your tree stump. This will include how wide and deep to grind the tree stump roots. If you intend to re-plant, in the area, then the tree stump roots will need to be completely removed.