If You’re Looking To Have Any Kind Of Large Tree Removal Performed…

Green Leaf Tree Services is the right company for you. With over 20 years of experience in providing a variety of tree services, Green Leaf Trees has established itself as one of the top arborists companies in Southern California.

Tree Removal Can Be Dangerous Work.

Removing large trees from a property is both a dangerous and a daunting task. Let a professional handle the job. We not only guarantee the quality of our work but your peace of mind as well. Following our work you will be able to enjoy the peace of mind of a beautiful and completely safe landscape.

We Are Fully Insured And Licensed

Green Leaf Trees is a fully licensed arborist company. Only fully licensed companies can provide you with top arborist service. Additionally we carry a million dollar insurance policy that provides our customers with added security. With other companies a potential accident on your property could result in a lawsuit.

Can I Remove The Tree Myself?

It depends… but in most cases we would recommend against it. Tree removal or trimming is a highly delicate and technical task. Aside from the dangers involved, a person who does not have the right tools will be unable to successfully remove a tree.

We Have The Right Tools.

Combine our years of experience with our state of the art equipment and you get the very best in Tree Services. This means that the job is completed correctly, finished on time, and the quality is 100% professional. Your property won’t look the same as before we arrived… it will look better!

We Don’t Just Trim… We Remove!

Using Green Leaf Trees for an arborist service means that your trees will not only be trimmed or removed but the cleanup will be done right as well. Stumps, branches, and remaining debris will be disposed of. Additionally we can turn this matter into woodchips and add it to your landscape.

We Don’t Just Service… We Outperform!

We are certain that we provide the best tree services in Southern California and we’d love to prove it you. A customer testimonials and long standing track record serve as testament to the face that we outperform our competitors.

It’s Been Over 20 Years!

That’s right… we’ve been in business for over 20 years and were sticking to our standards. Providing quality tree service at competitive prices is what we’ve done for the past two decades and nothing is going to change. Our customers are not just clients, they are friends whom we enjoy forming professional relationships with.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are not sure whether a tree on your property needs to be manicured or removed… let us help! We will perform a 100% Free Evaluation and determine what necessary steps, if any, should be taken.

Let’s Get Started!

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