Brush Clearing & Weed Abatement Services

Keeping your yard and landscape in good condition can be a daunting and time consuming task. Removing brush and other foliage or debris is just one the many services that Green Leaf Trees excels in. With over 20 years of experience, we have established ourselves as one of the top tree service companies in Southern California.

LA Fire Department Notices & Regulations

Have you received a notice from the LA Fire Department regarding your property? These notices are sent out in the spring in an effort to curtail the amount of brush that is available to feed wildfires during the dangerous summer months. Green Leaf Trees has years of experience honoring these notices. Don’t risk running afoul of the law! Call the professionals at Green Leaf Trees today at 866-993-8733 to schedule a visit. We adhere to LA Fire Department land clearance notices.

State Of The Art Technology

When it comes to land clearing and brush clearing we use top notch equipment to ensure that the job is done right and that we leave your landscape looking perfect. While brush removal may seem like an easy task, without the right equipment and a team of professionals, the job will be completed to your satisfaction.

Why Brush Removal Is Important

Aside from aesthetically improving the look of your landscape, brush removal protects from potentially dangerous fires. Untended shrubbery and brush serves as a spark plug for the start of a fire that could harm or completely destroy your home.

Reasons Why To Hire A Professional

  • Dense and overgrown brush requires both top notch equipment and trained professionals.
  • Removing overgrown shrubs from the root of trees can harm or kill them if not done correctly.
  • Thorns, vines, and nettles make the task both dangerous and difficult.
  • Plants can be poisonous (poison ivy, etc.) and hard to identify.
  • Brush clearing can involved clearing other debris such as stumps or logs.

Best Price Guaranteed

Green Leaf Trees has managed to grow to the heights it has today by always maintaining the most competitive prices. There is a reason why we have been in business for over 20 years and it directly correspond with our low prices and great service.

Tried And Tested

We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers. Our customer testimonials stand as testament to top notch brush removal and tree services that we perform. Feel free to check out our website to read reviews from some of many satisfied customers.

Reasons For Brush Removal:

  • Overgrown Brush must be removed in order to prevent fires.
  • Brush provides breeding grounds for different animals and insects (termites, ticks, etc.)
  • Improve the look of your landscape and the overall value of your home.


Above And Beyond The Call

While other companies may be satisfied with just completing the quoted job, we go above and beyond to make sure that your yard looks better than before. We guarantee the quality of our service 100% and we are sure that you will be satisfied with level of work we perform.

We’d Love To Work With You

Green Leaf Trees takes pride in the great reputation we have established over the past 20 years. Working with our clients involves offering the best price, the best service, and a level of commitment to the work we perform.

Give Us A Call                   (866) 993-8733

What are you waiting for? Even if you are unsure whether you need brush removal or tree service give us a call. We will perform a free landscape analysis and let you know what services besides brush removal (if any) might benefit you.