— Green Leaf Trees gives this material away on a first come, first serve basis in areas where they are currently working.

To request the availability of mulch in your area, please contact us. You can also call us at 818-788-1235.

Quality of Wood Chips

wood0chipsOur free wood chips consist of green wood, pine needles and leaves (sometimes). These chips are best suited for ground cover away from the house, unpaved driveways, mulch piles, pathways, or parking areas.

Delivery Information

A typical load of chips is 8 to 10 cubic yards, or enough to cover an area of 1,080 square feet (30 ft. x 36 ft.) 3 inches deep

Delivery truck needs 20 feet of overhead clearance and 10 feet minimum width to dump. The truck weighs 15 tons (30,000 pounds)

One load forms a pile of chips about 12′ wide by 6′ high

Delivery Considerations

  • Delivery location must be clear for chips to be delivered. We will call before attempting to deliver the chips
  • A large, heavy truck will be used to deliver the chips. Bear this in mind when planning the delivery and drawing the delivery location map. We make every attempt to deliver your chips as requested, but will not take a chance of damaging your property or ours
  • The chips are delivered in a large pile. We cannot spread the chips or split a single load into two or more piles. Nor can we deliver a load smaller than 8 – 10 cubic yards