Green Leaf Trees has a location near you in Thousand Oaks and working in surrounding areas. If you are in need of landscaping work done such as tree trimming or brush removal, you have professionals at your finger tips. These affordable services are available 24 hours a day each day of the week.

Thousand Oaks Tree Removal

The specialists at Green Leaf Trees have many years of experience in tree removal. Whether it is your residence or business that needs a tree removed our people are guaranteed to offer the best service. Do not let a faulty tree cause damage when it could have been avoided easily and cheaply. If you are not sure if a tree is a candidate for removal, Green Leaf Trees offers inspections to help determine the best move to keep you and you property safe and happy. Don’t hesitate, call us at 805-494-8333.

Thousand Oaks Brush Removal

If you are a resident in Thousand Oaks with shrub over growth, you are in need of a service to remove these pestering plants. Not only are these plants an eye sore, they can also be a fire hazard. Fire Dept. often will require that they be removed for safety reasons. If you were given a warning or desire to rid yourself of the brush for your own reasons, hire Green Leaf Tree Services in Thousand Oaks to send their professionals to get the job done right and quickly. With proper equipment and years of experience it is a no brainer to hire us at Green Leaf Trees.

Green Leaf Trees Thousand Oaks

190 Dryden Street
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(805) 494-8333

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