Chatsworth is located in the northwestern part of the San Fernando Valley. The Santa Sausana mountains border it on the north. With a population of 36,557 people, it has become home to many people looking for a family environment. It is just 31 miles from Los Angeles which makes it ideal for people who work in the city, but look to raise their children in a sub urban area.

One of the main attractions of Chatsworth is it’s many parks and parkland areas. In fact, it has more parks than most cities in Los Angeles. The city takes pride in the fact that nature is a primary source of beauty for the region. Another big feature of the city is the Chatsworth Reservoir. The film industry has flocked to to chatsworth to set up administrative offices as well as to find shooting locations for movies and TV shows. Everything from cowboy movies to the television show 24 have been shot there.

Home ownership is a big part of Chatsworth. This entails homeowners to maintain the pristine atmosphere that the community is famous for. Green Leaf Tree Service has served the region for many years. Their landscaping business is well known to be professional and courteous. There many selections of services helps them solve any problems your home or commercial property may have. From tree removal to brush clearance on the many ranches of Chatsworth, we can make your property look it’s finest. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Chatsworth Tree Services
  • Chatsworth Tree Removal
  • Chatsworth Tree Trimming
  • Chatsworth Brush Removal
  • Chatsworth Tree Stump Removal
  • Chatsworth Landscaping

For more information on how Green Leaf Tree Service of Chatsworth can maintain your yard and garden, call (866) 993-8733 24 hours a day.

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